Admissions Process


If you are interested in exploring Clanmore as an option for your family, a good first step would be to attend one of our Open Houses.

Discovering Clanmore Montessori School

A great first step is to attend our Saturday Fall Open House, held annually each October from 10am-2pm. Feel free to drop-in at the time which suits you best. Children are more than welcome to attend. During our Open Houses, the classrooms are open for viewing, staff are on hand to answer questions, and informative handouts are available to take with you.

Additional Open House dates may be added in January and, on occasion, in April.

“What happens when these
kids enter the “real world”
of education? How are they going to adjust?” WE ANSWER

Development of
the whole child

Clanmore offers programming from Toddler
to Middle School designed to complement
the Montessori philosophy.