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If you are interested in exploring Clanmore as an option for your family, a good first step would be to attend one of our Open Houses.

Clanmore Montessori School’s Co-curricular Programs are offered each term, and seamlessly integrated into the end of the school day. Care has been taken to ensure that these programs blend with the Clanmore approach. They are developmentally appropriate, co-ed, and with mixed-age groupings.

(Please note these programs are separate from our Extended-Day programs, which are available as an option when registered for the school year.)

General Overview

  • Clanmore families are notified each term as to when registration is open and which programs are being offered. Spaces are limited and filled as completed registration forms are received along with the applicable payment (e-transfer to
  • Spaces available for children registered at the Elementary and Middle School levels
  • Programs are typically offered for 6-8 week blocks, are priced individually and run on different days of the week.
  • Sample offerings:
    • Chess
    • Sports (martial arts, cross-country running, or basketball)
    • Drama
    • Introduction of choral work
  • A snack is provided, dismissal is at 5:15pm.

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“What happens when these
kids enter the “real world”
of education? How are they going to adjust?” WE ANSWER

Development of
the whole child

Clanmore offers programming from Toddler
to Middle School designed to complement
the Montessori philosophy.