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If you are interested in exploring Clanmore as an option for your family, a good first step would be to attend one of our Open Houses.

The Clanmore Montessori Summer Program is designed to complement but not replicate our Montessori programming. Our camp programs blend seamlessly with the Clanmore approach. They are developmentally appropriate, fostering enriched experiential learning. They include co-ed, mixed-age groupings, and most importantly are nurturing and loads of fun.

General overview

  • Outdoor experiences with an academic focus, led by Clanmore teachers and support staff. Time is spent outdoors, as well as inside to work with the classroom materials, as a continuation from the school year. There is lunch and recess, as well as walks in the woods, crafts, special presentations, and offering which follow the childrens’ inspiration and ideas.
  • We have full access to the Clanmore facilities each day during camp, including the gym and the gym equipment. This is helpful if there are days when we cannot be outside.
  • Clanmore families are notified annually when registration opens. Spaces are limited and filled as completed registration forms are received along with the applicable payment (e-transfer)
  • Spaces available for children who are currently enrolled at Clanmore and are returning for the upcoming school year.
  • Four weeks of July programming from 9am to 3pm, Monday to Friday.
    One Casa group for children who are completing first or second year of Casa in the current school year.
  • One Elementary group for children who are completing third year Casa or years one through five Elementary in the current school year.
  • Children must be enrolled for the full four weeks.
  • Program cost is in the neighbourhood of $2,000 per child.

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